Recover Sexting Pictures Of Any User


Tool Features


How To Install Tool

1) In order to install the application first you have to download it from link given below.
2) Extract the rar file.
3) Click on setup file and complete few steps installation process.

Download Links Given Below

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

25 Responses

  1. hi says:

    awesome share!!! working flawless:)

  2. Isabel says:

    not able to download this tool in France. Tried survey but failed

  3. Gokul says:

    i am from India and i have downloaded the file using USA proxy IP address. If surveys are not showing up for you then get USA, UK, Australi, Canada IP address or use VPN or Proxy server. Use Google search

  4. Emily says:

    Found it very useful but its really slow for me

  5. Herman says:

    not able to download in Indonesia

  6. adam says:

    It hangs on my phone

  7. Ahmed says:

    no surveys in Egypt

  8. Pratham says:

    not able to download this file in India. It says surveys are not available in your country :(

  9. Diego says:

    thanks buddy

  10. Jose Mejia says:

    gracias amigo…from Mexico

  11. Luke says:

    Incredible. Keep up hacking.

  12. William says:

    thanks! this is the only f***ing hack that worked for me.

  13. Larru L. says:

    best hack

  14. Phyll says:

    Thank you for sharing this one.

  15. that guy says:


  16. Jasper says:

    It works

  17. Peter says:

    it´s really working :O

  18. Noah says:

    every hacks works for few days or weeks and this will also stop working soon, but till then enjoy

  19. dIEGO says:

    thanks buddy

  20. Smiley says:

    I have downloaded about 500 pics so far in 2 days

  21. Scot says:

    thanks 4 share, i will be try this tool when i am home.

  22. Marlana says:

    Hack is working PERFECT still, just used it this morning guys!
    Get it while its working!

  23. Teddy says:

    Downloading pics of many chicks, thanks buddy :)

  24. Joanny says:

    downloaded and working as expected. Downloading lots of pics, just awesome guys, loved it

  25. Alexis says:

    i have used this tool in past also, but it was stopped working after few days of using it. I am glad that this priceless tool is working again.

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